TextureMania 7 begins May 10 at Love My Textures Main Store on Zeus Island!

Your Hunt Object is a paint brush – there are 30 stores participating in this hunt this time.

Gifts are all full perm, and have their own Terms of Service.  However, as a general rule,

nothing that you find on this hunt may be given away or sold as full perm.  You may use

them in your builds/creations in Second Life only.  Gifts that are textures but contain less

than 12 will be L$1.  Gifts that are more than 12 textures, sculpts or mesh will be L$3.

We are so excited to begin the hunt, we look forward to seeing you!hunt object pic




TextureMania Hunt 7 begins May 10, 2016!


Welcome to TextureMania 7…the original full perm gift hunt!

If you are a vendor who makes their own original textures, sculpts, mesh, templates, tutorials or kits and are willing to give a first-rate quality FULL PERM gift to our hunters, please copy and paste onto a note card in-world and fill out the application.

If you would like to be a hunter in this hunt, its easy and free – just visit TextureMania Hunt 7 Headquarters on Zeus Island and click the hunt poster to join the group!

This hunt will take place May 10-31, 2016

Vendor Application:

***Rename it TMH7 (Your Name) (Your Store) and drop it in the wall box HERE

Your Avatar Name: Name of Avatar to be invited to Group: Your Store: Sim your store is located on: Sim Rating (PG, Moderate)  NO ADULT sims please! Type of Store (What do you sell? Textures, Templates, Tutorials, Sculpts, Mesh?) (Does your store sell any full perm items)? Your store LM: Is this LM direct to your store or a sim landing point that people still have to find your store?



Applications Due No Later Than:     APRIL 15
Hunt Posters Will Go Out As Your Application is Processed.  Please rez the Hunt Poster upon receipt and keep it in your store throughout the hunt.

First Walkthrough to check hunt posters
and if LM’s are correct.   APRIL 20


Hunt Gifts Must Be Ready No Later Than: MAY 5

Last Chance to Submit “Hint and Picture”
Notecard (please drop in the “Hints and
Pictures” Mailbox at Headquarters   MAY 7

Last Chance to Hide your Hunt Object and
place your gift in the Hunt Object.
Set for sale for CONTENTS) to L$1 or L$3.
Make sure to rez a trail if needed
(30m distance from main LM)   MAY 8

Second & Final Walkthrough
If you are not prepared, you will
be skipped over. MAY 9

Hunt Begins:  MAY 10