Welcome to Winter Magic!

Winter Magic Hunt Poster

Winter Magic is a FULL PERM only hunt.  All the gifts you find on this hunt will cost L$2 and be full perm for creation use only, and only in Second Life.  The gifts will reflect the Winter Season and Winter Holidays.  All creators of hunt gifts must sell Full Perm items or be willing to make a full perm item for this hunt.

Applications are due no later than September 30, 2016.

You may copy and paste this application onto a notecard in-world and send to Mandi Blanco.  Upon acceptance you will receive a hunt poster that must be displayed in your shop from the time you receive it until the hunt ends on December 1.

***Rename it WMH (Your Name) (Your Store) and PLEASE send to Mandi Blanco

Your Avatar Name:

Your Store:

Sim your store is located on:

Sim Rating (PG, Moderate)  NO ADULT sims please!

Type of Store (What do you sell? Textures, Templates, Tutorials, Sculpts, Mesh?) (Does your store sell any full perm items)?

Your store LM:

I understand that my gift MUST be full permissions, and needs to be winter-themed, including Winter Holidays, snow, penguins, snowpeople, cold weather etc.  (YES/NO)

I understand that my hunt gift MUST BE READY before OCTOBER 20:  (YES/NO)

You do not need to be part of a group, as everything will be sent out to you via mailbox.