TextureMania Hunt 6 will NOT be a “free” hunt. Gifts will range from L$1 – L$10, according to the shop owners’ discretion.  Usually a box of textures will cost less than a sculpt, and a sculpt will cost less than a mesh.  Usually, but not always!  It of course depends on the effort the creator has put into the gift and what they choose to price it. If there are any valid complaints about the cost of a hunt prize, PLEASE send a notecard to Mandi Blanco, organizer of this hunt, and I will speak to the shop owner directly.  Any abuse of any vendors on this hunt will not be tolerated.  Please be nice.  And please enjoy the hunt.  Thank you!!!

TextureMania Hunt 6 begins May 1, 2015!

texturemania 6 logo

Welcome to TextureMania 6…the original full perm gift hunt!

If you are a vendor who makes their own original textures, sculpts, mesh, templates, tutorials or kits and are willing to give a first-rate quality FULL PERM gift to our hunters, please copy and paste onto a note card in-world and fill out the application.  Send to Mandi Blanco before April 1, 2015.

If you would like to be a hunter in this hunt, its easy and free – just visit Love My Textures Main Store on Mystical Shores and click the hunt poster to join the group!

This hunt will take place May 1-31, 2015

Vendor Application:

***Rename it TMH6 (Your Name) (Your Store) and send it to Mandi Blanco!***

Your Avatar Name: Name of Avatar to be invited to Group: Your Store: Sim your store is located on: Sim Rating (PG, Moderate)  NO ADULT sims please! Type of Store (What do you sell? Textures, Templates, Tutorials, Sculpts, Mesh?) (Does your store sell any full perm items)? Your store LM: Is this LM direct to your store or a sim landing point that people still have to find your store? Anything you need me to know, any comments, questions or concerns?